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By  C.C. Furnas and S.M. Furnas



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                Man, Bread and Destiny, a recently released book by C. C. Furnass and his wife, presents in a most interesting manner the dietary habits of man from the medieval to the present day.

It is highly instructive, combining the most authoritative studies and observation of the authors and a list of references which represent the sum and total of the work done on this subject in recent years and is cleverly planned to meet the reading approval of the general public. While it might be hard to understand that a book devoted to the somewhat dry subject of nutrition can be highly interesting and exciting as well as instructive, one only has to read the first chapter. “A Man Must Eat” to become convinced that he was an entertaining discussion ahead.

The general public is eager to learn the fundamentals of diet and nutrition but the average individual is usually too bent upon the light in literature to wade through the technical publications.

Man, Bread and Destiny combines the light with the technical in such an engaging manner that once started it is difficult to put it aside until finished.

We learn from the Furnasses that early man was somewhat of a scavenger who was forced to take his food where he found it, regardless of unappetizing surroundings. This afforded our savage forefathers with what we call today a balanced diet.

Where geographic conditions were not ideal for the production of all food factors the race died out purely because of forced malnutrition.

Today we do not have the problem of insufficient quality or quantity but a far more dangerous problem of a “Culture” that prohibits us from obtaining the food necessities of life.

There is a fine chapter on the teeth, their dietary needs and a history of the teeth of early and primitive man.

Dentists will find Man, Bread and Destiny valuable in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the nutritional problem, and should be recommended to patients to help them to better understand the dietary requisites of health, especially dental.

C. T. G.


Clifford J. Barborka, M. D.

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Lippincott Company, Philadelphia 1937

There are a great many recently published books on the subject of nutrition, emphasizing its importance in the treatment of dental disease. Dr. I. Newton Kugelmass, B.S., M.D., Ph. D., Sc.D., will review each month selected books he has chosen as being valuable to the dentist.
This book presents a concise, practical and systematic method of prescribing diet and applying treatment by diet to health and disease. It offers, in addition, ways of teaching the individual patients how to make a selection of the proper amount and type of food prescribed for him. The principles of nutritional therapy precede sample dietaries of proven value. Hence diseases in which diet plays a major role are given in greater detail than those in which diet is of secondary importance. The arrangement of the book is particularly helpful to the dentist because the principles are brief without unconfirmed theories and the actual practice of dietetics has been reaped from experience with private and hospital patients. In the dental management of a patient the maintenance of proper nutrition during illness is of great value. And this book offers the dentist an intelligent medium of cooperating with the physician not in the management of the systemic disease but rather in the maintenance of the dental health in disease.

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