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(An American Chemical Society Monograph issued by The Chemical Catalog Company, Inc.) By Associates of Lore A. Rogers

Cloth           Pp. 616       Price $6.00

Rheinhold Publishing Company, New York, 1935

This is an unusual volume written by various associates of Dr. Rogers in the Research Laboratories of the Bureau of Dairy Industry of the U. S. Department of Agriculture in recognition of this service in this field. Part I gives the basic data on the constituents of milk; Part II gives the physical chemistry of milk and milk products; Part III gives the microbiology of milk and milk products; and Part IV the nutritional value of milk and milk products and the physiology of milk secretion. The book reveals the modern knowledge of every aspect of dairy science, all facts being punctuated by authoritative work taken from the world literature. This important monograph crystallizes the knowledge of milk and milk products in terms of human nutrition. Because of the inestimable role of milk and milk products in dental health the student of nutrition will find this a valuable guide in understanding and applying these nutrients in everyday practice.



(6th Edition): -Elliott P. Joslin, M.D., M.A.

Cloth            Pp. 707        Price $7.00

Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia, 1937

The introduction of protamine insulin in the management of diabetes necessitated the revision of this classic on diabetes. The new monograph reveals the present conception of diabetes, its incidence, prevention, mechanism and management. Every aspect of the subject involving all organs and tissues of the body are considered in great detail from the standpoint of the diabetic patient. And those phases of the subject that have been more definitely associated with diabetes in the pre-insulin era are given their proper place in the supervision of the diabetic. Actually the book is charged with facts invaluable in the evaluation of many disturbances occurring in a diabetic young or old. Equal importance is given to the subject of the care of the mouth and teeth locally and systemically. Knowledge of the surgical management of the diabetic diminishes operative risk. The type of supervision embodied in the book properly applied markedly increases the life expectancy of the diabetic. The book is thus invaluable not only to the general practitioner but also to the surgeon.

I Newton Kugelmass, B.S., M. D., Ph. D., Sc. D., Editor

Each month Dr. Kugelmass will review books of value and interest to the general dental practitioner. In addition he will answer questions on books pertaining to a particular subject desired. Very often the practitioner desires to obtain the latest developments in the surgical, medical and nutritional aspects of dentistry. Where can I find material on the best treatment for Vincents? What book will give me a concise clear understanding of nutritional requirements? Where can I obtain information on dental infections and their relation to systemic disease? These and many other questions arise every day and without an authoritative source of information it would be a most difficult task to obtain the desired information. Address all communications to Dr. I. Newton Kugelmass, 1060 Park Ave., New York City.

MODERN DIETARY TREATMENT –Margery Abrahams, M. A., M. Sc. and Elsie M. Widdowson, B. Sc., Ph.D. cloth Pp. 328 Price $3.25 William Wood & Company, Baltimore, 1937.

This practical little book makes the newer knowledge of nutrition available for the practitioner, dentist, dietetian and nurse in a simple manner. The first part of the book is concerned with the general principles of dietetics, the second with the various diseases in which dietary treatment is indispensable and the third gives examples of diets for patients suffering from these diseases. It is of special value because of the various dietary combinations provided and various ways in which foods such as milk can be disguised to help relieve monotonous diets. But the recipes are primarily for the British and their tastes.

CLINICALLY ALLERGY, Manifestations, Diagnosis and Treatment –Albert H. Rowe, M.S., M.D. Cloth Pp. 812 Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia, 1937.

This book embraces the entire field allergy involving the causes of hypersensitiveness with particular attention to food, inhalants, contacts and drug allergies as well as the part played by bacterial, hormonal and tissue allergy in the production of symptoms. Practical methods of the diagnosis and treatment are given throughout. Every medical and dental practitioner is constantly confronted with allergic problems. Clinical and experimental studies have demonstrated that all people are prone to allergic disturbances particularly in the presence of a marked family history of allergy. Hence it becomes imperative for medical and dental practitioners to understand the fundamental nature of allergic reactivity, the tissues most likely to be involved, the causes now recognized and the available methods of diagnosis and treatment. So many of the allergic conditions appear in the mouth that it becomes a challenge to the dentist to familiarize himself with the clinical manifestations to afford more rational treatment for the patient and enable more cooperation with the physician.