Book Review Dietetics For The Clinician

By Milton Arlanden Bridges, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.P. Cloth   Pp. 1055 Pea & Febiger, Philadelphia, 1937

There are a great many recently published books on the subject of nutrition, emphasizing its importance in the treatment of dental disease. Dr. I. Newton Kugelmass, B.S., M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D., will review each month selected books he has chosen as being valuable to the dentist.

This book presents diet therapy for the common diseases of man. The physiologic and pathologic needs of each are given briefly followed by a detailed list of the foods indicated and those contraindicated as well as sample menus. The diseases are arranged alphabetically and are cataloged rather than grouped in terms of anatomical function or pathological  function of pathological basis. There is a wealth of material embodied in the discussion of each disease. Some of the chapters are presented by various specialists and the one on dentistry and dental nutrition is a valuable contribution. A good portion of the book is devoted to tables of nutritive values of foods, practical recipes and analyses and differences of foods. The book is a valuable adjuvant in the treatment planning for patients and should be helpful to dentists to familiarize themselves with the type of dietary indicated in various diseases. In the case of dental patients with chronic systemic disturbances the dietary can thus be modified not only in accordance with internal requirements but as well by the correction of dental disease.

The Examining Dentist in Food Hazard Cases

By Charles Abraham Levinson, D.M.D.,Boston, Mass.

This small 58 page book presents detailed information of the problems that confront an examining dentist in food hazard claims. Dental Reports, methods of examining the claimant, use of X-Ray and plaster casts, court conduct in case of jury trial and individual cases are cited. This book is of particular interest and value to examining dentists employed by claim companies or to those wishing to enter this field.

Acid Necrosis in Russia

Acid necrosis is seen in the mouths of 15.6 per cent of workmen in the hydrochloric and mixed hydrochloric and sulfuric acid industries. Of those having acid necrosis 7.4 per cent had necrosis of the pulps of front teeth with intact crowns and 7 per cent had chronic periodontitis of these same teeth in addition. Sometimes there was no pulp necrosis even when the crown was two-thirds destroyed, while in other cases it occurred when a third of the crown only was destroyed. As the chemical acts on the tissues first the normal response of the pulp to physical and chemical stimulants becomes altered and exaggerated: then as the result of changes in the pulp the responses disappear,, the electrical being the last to go. On chemical analysis the crown affected by acid necrosis were found to contain less calcium and phosphorus than normal but the roots were unchanged. The work men ought to be protected by wearing masks and be periodically inspected. — L’Odontologie per The Dental Record.