Who’s Who in the Animal Kingdom
From the Reader’s Digest
1. What great animal gives birth to its young during the long twilight sleep of hibernation?
2. What is the only bird that can fly straight up, down, sideways, and backward?
3. What is the largest creature this earth or its waters have ever known?
4. What creature has the curious habit of swallowing some hard, indigestible substance such as a stone, a brick, or a tree-knot, before it hibernates?
5. What wild animal is the hardest to trap?
6. What bird is always in continuous flight while away from its nest?
7. What animal made many of the trails over the hills and plains of North America –routes so perfect from an engineering standpoint that many of our highways and railways have been built upon them?
8. What wild animal refuses to eat food that he does not carefully wash?
9. What animal thumps on the ground with its feet to communicate with its fellows?
What bird will plunge at full speed into a snow bank in order to escape the rigors of a winter’s night?
What three natural enemies in nature will sometimes be found together in the same burrow underground?
What two creatures carry their young in skin pounces?
Why are many male spider lovers perfectly terrified of the females?
What creature of the sea nurses its young?
What American big-game animal is the longest jumper?
1. The Polar bear.
2. The hummingbird.
3. The blue whale, which is known to reach a length of 111 feet and an approximate weight of 100 tons.
4. The alligator and also the crocodile.
5. The wolf, such is the keenness of his sense of smell, his sagacity, and his apparent understanding of the wiles of man.
6. The chimney swift.
7. The bison.
8. The raccoon.
9. The rabbit.
The ruffed grouse.
The owl, the prairie dog, and the rattlesnake.
The kangaroo and the opossum.
She has such a voracious appetite, is so very much larger, and is so lacking in sentiment that she is as likely to eat him s to embrace him.
The whale.
The white-tailed or Virginia deer. A running broad jump of 40 feet, 2 inches has been measured.