Angels Of Mercy


Uncle Bert’s Corner

Allegorically on canvas, inspiringly in statuary or otherwise not too angelic, angels always have been associated with the soothing hand of femininity. Even in the canine (not cuspid or eye tooth) world, the female dog furnishes the idealistic in the “seeing eye”, to lead the blind safely home. So the dentist regardless of sex is a real angel of mercy. Life consisting of a constant consideration of comparisons, most pains seem less than average along side of the real, excruciating, tortures of a tormenting, tempestuous tooth ache, called odontalgia at a higher fee. It has been said that one out of eighteen greater New York dentists suffered the embarrassing entanglements of some sort of a malpractice mixup during “de” or “re” pression days. Memory recalls a full upper denture (if over $35) that was trustingly slipped into the mouth of a patient not even partly honest. Most muscle trimmed dentures of the general practitioner of today, require stone trimming next week, and this philanthropic denture with generous rims- too, sunk deeply into soft tissues causing a pathological growth. The dentist was sued for giving the patient a denture for nothing. Any day, any stranger may drop in off the street, caring only enough for you to take a chance with your exodontia expertness. Such an out-of-a-job patient may decoy us in quest of a lacerated extraction as a vehicle upon which to convey a law suit. Today, it takes more than average imagination to see a dentist without X-ray and with cow horn forceps going between two roots of a six year molar, or shimming a sharpened root bayonet clean to the apex of an upper tooth, trying to help out the unfortunate financially and angelically. In conquering pain or easing the dollar, one may become an embarrassed “victim of circumstance”, rather than an amiable “angel of mercy”.