The Chemical Laboratory of the Human Body

We are very apt to look upon the human body as a physical structure only, and to overlook the more obscure motivating forces within the physical structure.
As professional men we understand the anatomical structure and in a general way the physiological functions of the organs but too often forget the necessary fuel requirements of these organs.
The body houses the most perfect factory that has ever been conceived. With a small amount of raw material, the various organs manufacture chemicals and tissues, and man himself can only describe these achievement as the deep mysteries of life.
While it is impossible to explain the procedure of the body’s manufactured products, it is well to keep in mind some of the important physiologic activities.
Too often we consider our bodies as a mechanism that does not require much attention. It is true that we can go along for years without paying any particular attention to our driving force, but sooner or later we must pay for this neglect.
An excerpt from New Health states:
“The animal body is composed of many different chemical substances. Its various tissues and organs, if they are to carry on the functions for which they are intended, must therefore be provided with the right material on which to grow to full development, and to perform their various offices.
Every infinitesimal part of the body is, during its entire lifetime, unceasingly breaking down and needing to be rebuilt with new substance. Every living process in the body –circulation, respiration, nervous activity, and muscular energy, calls for an unfailing supply of proper material. And this material can only come from what we put into our stomachs.
Only the use of some intelligence can ensure an adequate supply of the raw material from which the body can obtain what it requires to keep its engines going, its brian cells active, and its defensive forces strong against the never-ceasing dangers of infection.
It is indeed surprising ht at a science of nutrition applied to human needs has been so long in establishing itself on its present basis. The agriculturist has long since realized its all-in-all importance to his crops, and his stock, while we have continued to feed our children and ourselves anyhow.
There is still much that remains to be learned, and there is still considerable difference of opinion on many fundamental questions.”
A few of the more important elements created in the body, their manufacturing center and their function are contained in the chart below.
When it is realized that a deficient intake of food elements causes a deficiency of these vital substances it is plain to see that diet and nutrition are the most important considerations in health and disease.
How then can we sound health, sound dentition unless we correct the obvious dietary deficiencies in the patients we encounter every day?

Chemical Element Manufacturing center Function Deficiency causes
Thyroxylin Thyroid gland Regulates metabolism in body. Influences other glands Sluggishness
Improper development
Lowered energy output
Pituitrin Pituitary gland Growth control Abnormalities of growth and development.
Adrenalin Adrenal Glands Sex regulation Weakness, lowered vitality
Muscular control
Vaso constrictor
Parathyroid Extract Parathyroid Gland Regulates mineral
Lowered blood calcium

Metabolism Muscular disturbances
Insulin Pancreas Regulates sugar metabolism Diabetes
Bile Gall Bladder Digestant. Aids fat absorption Digestive disturbances
Hydrochloric acid Stomach Stimulates normal function of stomach, and aids digestion Digestive disturbances

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