The Open Road

The open road, air-conditioned Pullmans, luxurious ocean liners, and swift-gliding airplanes are vying with one another in convincing dentists all over the United States that the trip to the American Dental Association convention to be held in San Francisco, July 13 to 17, can be made a joy in itself and should not be considered as merely “getting to the convention.” With cost of each method of transportation nominal, it becomes a question of which mode of travel appeals most to one.

Roads generally throughout the United States are in excellent condition, we are advised by the AAA. First class hotel accommodations are offered at practically a day’s travel throughout the trip, while also at convenient intervals are attractive, modern tourist cabins and auto camps.

For those wishing to come via highway and do not wish to bring their automobiles, an opportunity is offered in the modern transcontinental busses.

Three scenic routes are offered by the railroads, who are making special rates for those visiting San Francisco for the A.D.A. sessions. Air conditioned cars throughout make all trips equally attractive from the standpoint of comfort. The southern route takes one through the great American desert, that broad tract of wasteland with its beautiful colors and quaint peoples, and on through Los Angeles and Hollywood, the home of the movie stars.

The overland route, a marvelous trip through mountainous country, closely following the trail of the ill-fated Donner party, takes one through the city of the great Salt Lake and the widely known Reno, Nevada, by the beautiful and picturesque Lake Tahoe in Northern California and through the Mother Lode country to San Francisco.

The northern route offers an opportunity to visit the serene beauty of Lake Louise, B.C., the glorious Columbia river country, the coast range into Sacramento, the capital of the State of California, and then to enjoy a two hour ride along the banks of the smooth flowing Sacramento river to San Francisco.

The trip is made more pleasurable by the fact that one may come to the coast over one of the three routes and return by one of the others.

Side trips have been planned by the committee to the beautiful Monterey peninsula, to California’s old missions of historical and romantic background, which annually attract thousands of visitors; and to the Yosemite Valley national park, situated in a valley at the base of towering granite cliffs over which water falls thousands of feet into the valley below.

An average of two palatial liners leave New York each week for San Francisco and to those to whom cross-country trips are an old story, this method of travel offers not only a delight but a new thrill.

And for the visitor who needs to be at home until the last minute, there are those modern, fleet airplanes which have become marvels not only of speed but of compact comfort.

By air, land, or water, a real vacation trip awaits you in your journey to San Francisco for the A.D.A. convention in July.