What Kind of Literature Do You Want

It is our desire to publish material in Nutrition and Dental Health that will give the greatest benefit to the greatest numbers. The following suggestions have been made as to the subjects that dentists would like to see presented. This material will appear in subsequent issues.
At the end of this discussion there is a blank for your convenience to be filled in with your suggestions and criticisms.
Note: -I liked your “Feeding in Pregnancy” –Simple. I would like simplification of all matters relating to Vitamins. What are they? Simply stated. Viosterol, Ergoterol, all foods that are protein, all foods that are carbohydrate, all foods that are fats. How vitamins are used by the body metabolism. How much of each food is required. What are calories? (Simple explanation) What does it mean to the body metabolism? Simple explanation of: the tissues of the body, how they are made up of cells, how the cell lives, etc. Why the body has certain requirements.
Most people are trying to gain or lose weight. Why not put in two or more loose leaves that can be given to these people and other matter to pregnant women. Am sure this would be appreciated. Also print calories, food charts, diets, etc. Have joyed the magazine.
More articles on subject of dental economics needed.
Specific examples of diets for children from ages 2 to 12.
I would like to see articles presented on Radiodontia. Nutrition and Dental health is the most complete periodical dealing with dietetics and nutrition yet presented to the dental profession. I certainly enjoy reading each issue.
Please look up and publish best authority on subject of food combinations for menus. It is a wide subject and will give you material for numerous issues. I have no criticisms, just hope you will keep up publication of articles pertaining to food values, reasons for and aids to food selection. The subjects will stand reiteration in various terms is only by reiteration that we learn.
I would like to see articles on Pyorrhea. “Conservative method.” Electro Coagulation,” “Surgical Methods.”
I would like to see articles on diet with reference to diabetics, as it may be of interest to some readers. The present set up of your magazine is O.K.
I do like the articles printed in your magazine. I would suggest no change.