Enlargement of Spleen and Bleeding

Enlargement of Spleen Cause of Post-operative Bleeding of Gums

A report from International Dentistry, Alexandria, Egypt, describes an interesting case of complications following tooth extraction.
The “Daily Telegraph” reports a case of bleeding to death. In Rotherhithe a man, on account of rheumatic pains, had 28 teeth pulled out in chloroform narcosis by a dental surgeon assisted by a physician. After the operation both doctors left although the patient was unconscious, the physician promising to return after half an hour to carry out an injection to stop the bleeding. In reality he remained away for one hour and a quarter, the dentist came in ten minutes later still. During this time so severe a secondary hemorrhage had set in as to make the patient breathe his last in spite of a transfusion and further careful treatment. The inquest proved no rupture of the gum whatever, but an enlargement of the spleen and of a few glands, for which reason no charge was brought against the treating doctors.