Joins Editorial Board





                Editors of Nutrition and Dental Health take pleasure and pride in announcing addition to the editorial board of Edward Melville Quinby, of Boston, Mass. Born in Grafton, Mass., Dr. Quinby was educated in England at the Uppingham school; the Liverpool University Medical school; and St. Bartholomew’s hospital in London. He bears the degrees M.R.C.S., England, and L.R.C.P., London, as well as that of D.M.D. from Harvard Dental school, which he received in 1893, two years after obtaining his diplomas in London.

Since graduating from the Harvard Dental school, he has been engaged continuously in private practice. He also taught for twelve years at the Harvard Dental school, and also at the Forsyth Infirmary. Dr. Quinby is the author of a number of articles on various phases of dentistry, particularly preventive dentistry and dental health service.

Dr. Quinby is: member, Massachusetts State Dental Society; American Dental Association; American Academy of Periodontology and Delta Sigma Delta. He is an Honorary Fellow of the American Academy of Dental Science, is president of the Dental Hygiene Council of Massachusetts, is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Boston Browning Society, and the Child Council of Massachusetts.



                Service of Maude A. Perry in her chosen vocation of dietitian was interrupted during the World War when she went to France and Germany with the American Expeditionary forces.

A graduate of Purdue university, she was dietitian at Michael Reese hospital, Chicago, III., from 1914 to 1918. After her return form war service late in 1919, she became director of dietetics at the Montreal General hospital, remaining there until 1926. She also served as instructor in dietetics in the School for Graduate Nurses at McGill university from 1923 to 1926.

Since 1930, Miss Perry has been dietitian of the General Hospital of Everett, Everett, Wash. She is author of a number of books on dietetics and articles for various medical and hospital magazines. She is a charter member of the American Dietetic association and also a charter member of the American Legion.