Have You Heard


                There are more than 25,700 retail stores in this country operated by Negroes.

New York City’s tax collections increased nearly $50,000,000 in 1935 over 1934, bringing the total collections to nearly $630,000,000.

As late as 1631 cattle were made to pull crude plows by their tails.

Water is now being used in the gold fields of Central Australia as a means of barter or a form of currency—due to the excessive drouth.

There are 70,000,000 acres of forests in Alaska.

Film photography was made possible only because of the fact that cows eat mustard.

Expenditures for home relief in New York City in 1935 totaled $185,500,000.

Cancer in all its forms last year took a toll of 140,771 lives, while tuberculosis claimed only 75,500.

The song “Home Sweet Home” is over 100 years old.

A bushel of corn at 60 cents per bushel will pay for enough fuel for a Diesel tractor to double disk 30 acres of ground.

There are now approximately 350,000 Jews in Palestine, in addition to some 750,000 Arabs.