Bits & Pieces III

[Dental Bytes][Feature Byte] Bits and Pieces:
One of the Best – Tools “R” UsTired of dental articles with pages chock full of fancy color pictures yet no substance? Then sit back in your favorite chair and take a seriouslook at Tools “R” Us newsletter. That’s right – Tools “R” Us is NOT an online periodical, but rather a real – life, paper between the fingers, comes-in-the-mail, down & dirty, wet-finger, dental newsletter. Each issue is packed with useful tips and helpful hints which can save you lots of aggravation, frustration, not to mention – money. For more information – contact Dr. Bob Davis, Editor via email at or at 408-724-4182. tools.gif - 25.3 K

Printable Equipment Maintenance ChartWhen it comes to routine equipment maintenance, most of us would agree that even the best of intentions are easily thwarted. Our handy-dandy monthly chart organizes the what, when, and “whose responsible” for periodic dental equipment maintenance.We couldn’t have done it without Bill Grange & his many years of experience servicing dental equipment. Thanks Bill! Click image for enlarged view. thmchart.gif - 13.1 K click here!

Back to the Future:Black Market Implants? In his etching titled, “A Caza de Dientas” (or “tooth hunting”), the famous Spanish artist, Francisco Goya, depicts a morbid custom of the time. Dentists would buy “live” teeth – sometimes stolen from the dead to then be quickly transplanted into other peoples empty alveolar sockets. goya.gif - 29.9 K

Here a Pick, There a Pick, Everywhere a Tooth PickThese combination “Tooth Picker – Ear Picker”s, were used freely even by the best mannered. Made of wood, bone,quills, silver,or gold, these early “dentiscalpias” have been found all over the world and date as far back as the fourth century before Christ. tpic1.gif - 6.3 K tpic2.gif - 6.1 K