Infection Control

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Infection Control
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Infection Control Mailing List: DENTALIC

DENTALIC is a mailing list dedicated to furthering our understanding of infection control issues as they relate to dentistry.

To subscribe to the list:

  1. Send this message: subscribe dentalic yourfirstname yourlastname
  2. Mail to the following address:
  3. Leave the subject line blank.

Private Organizations:

ADA: American Dental Association
Topical Index of ADA Infection Control Resources
Online Infection Control Documents:
Infection Control Recommendations for the Dental Office and the Dental Lab
Manual for Support of Dentists with HBV, HIV, TB & Other Infectious Diseases
Dental Management of the HIV-Infected Patient: Legal & Ethical Considerations
ADA Statements on Issues in Dentistry
ADA Statement on Backflow Prevention and the Dental Office
ADA Statement on Dental Unit Waterlines
ADA Statement on Saliva Ejectors
ADA News Release
Infection Control for the 90’s: Data Reveals Stringent Infection Control Technique Practiced
Patient Brochure on infection control
ADA Statement on Saliva Ejectors
[OSAP Logo]OSAP: Office Sterilization & Asepsis Procedures Research Foundation

OSAP is an organization which hosts annual infection control in dentistry symposiums which are unsurpassed for the quality of speakers and meeting content. You can’t get any more cutting edge infection control information than from this group. For more information on joining this organization contact:

OSAP Research Foundation
P.O. Box 6297
Annapolis Maryland, 21401
Phone: 1-800-298-OSAP
FAX: 410-798-6797

University Resources:
University of Texas Health Science Center
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio San Antonio, Texas, USA
Center for Research, Education and Policy Development in Infectious Disease Control in Dentistry, Department of Dental Diagnostic Sciences
Continuing Education Courses in Infection Control & Dentistry
U.S. Government Resources:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC: Centers for Disease Control

1. Voice Information Service.
The CDC runs a voice information service where you can talk directly to a CDC officer if you have a question relating to Dentistry and Infection Control. The number is 1-404-332-4552.

2. Reporting Notifiable Diseases
. This document provides case definitions for use by health care providers, laboratories, and other public health personnel who report the occurrences of notifiable diseases to state and local health departments.U.S. Dept. of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration

  1. Information Sheets:
    Blood borne Pathogens Final Standard Summary:
    Blackflow Prevention and the Dental Unit:
  2. OSHA’s Frequently Asked Questions:
    Who needs to receive the hepatitis B vaccination?
    Can employees refuse the hepatitis B vaccination?
    What is the purpose of the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard?

s50l.gif - 11.7 KU.S. Air Force
In Control: DIS Infection Control Newsletter
Military Waterline Treatment Protocol

Continuing Education Opportunities:
stblue2.gif - 6.6 KSybertooth Continuing Education Directory – “very well done site & a “net giver” winner.

“Must See” Infection Control Websites
img00025.gif - 3.9 KInfection Control Resources(from down under)
The first website dedicated to being an infection control resource. Check out Jeremy Roucke’s excellent suggestions for serching for infection control resources.

links.gif - 10.3 KInfectious Disease Links
IDLINKS, also known as The communication Center for Infectious Diseases and OutPaient Care is a mega resourse for just about anything & everything infectious disease related. Also has it’s own webs ite search engine.

Miscellaneous Infection Control Resources

Practical Infection Control in Dentistry
“one of the best infection textbooks available today….a “must reference” for all in the dental profession.

If you know of a site dealing with Infection Control & Dentistry, please take a moment and let us know the URL. We will continue to update our index regularly.