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It’s the Mystery Patient![Woamn Blindfolded Image]

There are hundreds of books written by dental marketing experts. So why is Suzanne Boswell’s “The Mystery Patient’s Guide to Gaining &RetainingPatients”one-of-a-kind? For the first time, you will see yourself, your staff, and your dental practice from the eyes of your patients! Through her “Mystery Patient” visits to dental offices throughout the United States, Ms. Boswell shares her views from the “outside looking in.” Neither Ms. Boswell,nor the hundreds of patients she interviewed come from dentistry – but that’s precisely why I loved this book. Peter Dawson said it best – “Suzanne Boswell has written a truly different type of dental book that will both educate and entertain. It has some of the most dynamic insights I have seen and I strongly recommend it.” Ditto.

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“The Mystery Patient’s Guide to Gaining & Retaining Patients” can be ordered directly online from the online dental catalog at PennWell Publishing Company.

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FunFlossFacts – FunFlossFacts – FunFlossFacts

Floss has been featured in the movie – “Pretty Woman”.
(Julia Roberts was caught flossing by Richard Gere)
Floss has been featured in a pop song – Frank Zappa’s “Montana” .
(“He’s going there to “raise me up a crop of dental floss.”)
Year commercial floss was first manufactured: 1882.
Material it was first made of: silk.
Newest material: Gore-Tex
Amount bought by Americans last year: 2.7 million miles.
Criminal use: a prison inmate in West Virginia braided floss intoa rope, scaled the wall, and escaped in 1994.