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Bits and Pieces
HOT TIP:The Easiest AND Fastest Way to Trim Bleaching Trays:

First of all, throw away your straight tip scissors.The trick here is you MUST use a CURVED trimming scissors andyou MUST hold it BACKWARDS – Instead of holding the curved tip towards the interproximal area, hold it with the curved tip directed GINGIVALLY, as shown in the photo. You can now trim a bleaching tray from molar to molar without ever having to stop your trimming momentum… and BEST OF ALL there are none of those annoying interproximal “tags”.

Back to the Future: 1915

[Notable Quote]“….Do not let the sterilizing process stop at the laboratory door. Take it in there and boil all impression trays, files, scrapers, grinding wheels, etc. …. No one would plead guilty of using modeling compound again, but do we always think to boil our shade guides after using? “

George Brown, DDS, Glen Falls, N.Y.
Excerpted from “A Consideration of Asepsis in Dentistry”.
Read before the 3rd & 4th District Dental Societies of N.Y.
Oct. 19, 1915

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