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The Pick of the Litter :
Award Winning Dental Sites
Each issue we will keep track of the best & the brightest dental websites. If you know of a website that hasbeen given a publishing award let us know and we will be happy to include it.

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American Dental Association – Lycos Top 5%
Need we say more?

Bitein – Gem of a Dental Site Winner
State of the art dentistry in the subcontinent!

Creighton University School of Dentistry – Lycos Top 5%
One of the best dental school websites.

Dental Biz – Best of the Dental Net
The one stop – no stop dental bizness website.

Dental Bytes Webzine – Lycos Top 5%,
Dental NetWorks’s Top 10 Award, NetGuide’s Gold Site
CGI Link of the Week Winner, Gem of a Dental Site
Winner, Health Link Select Site

One of our personal favorites….

Dental Related Internet Resources – Best of the
Dental Net, Magellan 3 Star Site

Track the latest dental websites online!

Dentistry On-Line – Lycos Top 5%
England’s finest jewel.

Excellence in Endodontics – Lycos Top 5%
And excellence in a website!

Global Dental Newsjournal – Lycos Top 5%
Sometimes the best things in life aren’t free.

Orthodontic Information Page – Best of the
Dental Net, Excite 3-Star Site, Sympatico Healthway
Excite 3-Star Site, Sympatico Healthyway Four Apples
Site, WebDental Select Site

Where braces are a badge of honor.

Practical Endodontics – Lycos Top 5%
Endo topics that never endo.

Preventive Dental Health Association – Lycos Top 5%
Not quite Mainstream USA.

So You Want to Be a Dentist? – Lycos Top 5%
Somebody has to do it.

SyberTooth – Best of the Dental Net, Net Giver Award,
Ravi’s Elite Web Site
A Nonstop Worldwide Dental Continuing Education Directory

Virtual Dentist – Lycos Top 5%
Dr. B. is galloping his way through CyberSpace.

The Internet: Marketing 101

The Internet. It has been said that the internet has created a seismic upheaval of traditional marketing paradigms. An overstatement? Just start poking around online. You will see what effective internet marketing is all about.

It’s about content. Internet marketing isn’t about flashy advertisements and subliminal messaging. It is about information – rich environments and having fun. Internet users (most with limited monthly access) – make calculated use of their time online. Users are not spending their 5 hours a month:
– searching for commercial sites
– downloading superfluous graphics
– reading advertisements and product specs
– returning to sites that have no value
The challenge of content – based marketing is twofold: (1) provide information that appeals to your market and (2) change the content on a regular basis.

It’s about relationships. The evolving marketing paradigm also gives new priority to developing customer relationships. Contrary to the “top-down” traditional approach, there is an emphasis on two way information flow. Customer feedback via email programs are one method companies are using to cultivate an alliance with their clients. Companies using this approach will fair better than those who simply view the internet as a conduit for mass marketing. The treating of customers as individuals has been termed “micro-marketing on a macro-scale”. In some ways it’s rather ironic. The very massiveness of the internet community demands corporations to take a new look at the customer as an individual.

Mass marketing bombards us via radio, television, and print media. However, the Internet environment does not lend itself well to this “in-your-face” type of marketing. Instead, businesses must return to customer based marketing platforms – Perhaps Marketing 2001 will be a return to Marketing 101.

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Dentistry & The Internet
Want to know if a certain domain name is “taken” ? :-(
It’s super easy to find out with SparketNet’s fast and easy (and FREE) domain name search engine.
Putting Your Dental Practice on the WWW? :-(
One approach is to blend your professional site with your personal pages. Allow visitors a personal glimpse into who you are. This strategy will become eminently more important as the number of dental websites grows exponentially. A neat example of this can be seen at Dr. Vic Commean’s dental practice web site. ( Dr. Commean displays a “Net Giver” spirit by generously displaying slides from his Internet lecture! What a great idea!!!

It’s No Surprise That Dentists Love Smileys!!!
The two original “smileys” : -) and : -( were created 14 years ago by a guy from Carnegie Mellon University named Scott Fahlman. Since then, there have been a number of mutations…here are some of my favorites.

Dental Smileys
DOTS.GIF - 0.0<br /><br />
: -)~ clear.GIF - 0.0 K Drooling
Nondental Smileys
DOTS.GIF - 0.0 K
(:) -)clear.GIF - 0.0<br /><br />
 K Scuba diver
: -& clear.GIF - 0.0 K Tongue-tied =I: -) =clear.GIF - 0.0 K Abe Lincoln
: -v clear.GIF - 0.0 K Lockjaw d: -)clear.GIF - 0.0 K Baseball fan
: -X clear.GIF - 0.0 K Sealed lips : -~( clear.GIF - 0.0 K Has a bad cold.
; _) clear.GIF - 0.0 K Tongue-in-cheek E-: -) clear.GIF - 0.0 K Amateur radio operator
: -(#) clear.GIF - 0.0 K Wears braces {: – ) clear.GIF - 0.0 K Burt Reynolds
(wearing his rug)

Dentistry & The Internet

Want to know if a certain domain name is “taken” ? :-(
It’s super easy to find out with SparketNet’s fast and easy (and FREE) domain name search engine.

How many Dentists are Online?
There have been a number of attempts to quantify the number of dentists online.Most sources suggest that? between 17% to 28% of dentists subscribe to an online service.? One good place to keep up with the latest overall internet stats is with YAHOO.

It’s Time to Visit the NADL:

Fraud Alert
Here’s an interesting news release warning dental laboratories about a possible dental scam involving a gold swindling “dentist”.

A Dentists Guide:
Do you know what a CDT is?? Do you use a certified dental laboratory? Does it matter to you?? Should it??? Here you will find the essential facts about the dental technology certification process.

Two GREAT Uses of the Internet:
Keeping Current in Dentistry is an extensive bibliography of the most recent articles in dentistry, compiled for the busydentist. This new publication is published monthly and contains extensive bibliographic data from both print and electronic publications. All articles are aimed specifically at the interests of dentists. The first issue is available for review and contains over 600 articles from 65 sources.

Would you like the latest table of contents from up to 50 dental journals sent directly to your email box ? It’s now possible withUnCover/Reveal’s Database Service. You can also create a personalized profile that also performs weekly keyword searches. When the keywords you select appear in any of their 17,000 indexed latest journals , you will be alerted via email.

Not Necessarily Mainstream Dental Surfing….
Flouride – Dentistry’s Boondoggle?
I used to think that being a dentist mandated that you become an automatic ombudsman for water fluoridation. Imagine my surprise to find the web site: “Fluoridation and Your Dental Health” set up by the Preventive Dental Health Association. Here you will find arguments made by dentists who sincerely believe that water fluoridation is “bunk” at best and downright “immoral” at worst.

OraMedia – Dental Self-Sufficiency This site was established to promote the works of Dr. Robert O. Nara, whose views on promoting ‘preventive’ dentistry is in the face of traditional ‘restorative’ dentistry.

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