The Ten Point Plan


I. Newton Kugelmass, M. D.

New York


  1. DENTAL CARIES is a syndrome of systemic rather than of local disturbances, individual for each child.
  2. Determine BODY BUILD in relation to parents and correct deviations in glandular function by endocrine therapy.
  3. Immunize against CONTAGIOUS DISEASES and eliminate chronic loci of INFECTION to protect from metabolic deficiency.
  4. Evaluate METABOLIC EFFICIENCY from food tolerance, digestive power and alimentary waste to improve nutrient utilization.
  5. Ascertain dietary habits to supplement acid milk, raw fruits and vegetables, and viscera and thus shift to the ALKALINE-FORMING REGIME.
  6. Order CALCIUM PHOSPHATES and VIOSTERO administered with raw fruit juices between meals.
  7. Supervise the MINERAL AND VITAMIN ADEQUACY, particularly during the periods of rapid growth-infancy, second dentition and pubescence.
  8. Encourage chewing COARSE FOOD to stimulate the muscles of mastication and the gums.
  9. Enforce MOUTH HYGIENE routinely including proper brushing of the teeth after each meal.
  10. Advise PERIODIC DENTAL AND PHYSICAL EXAMINATION and treatment, semi-annually after the second year.



*Summary of the address as guest speaker before the Annual Meeting of the New York Dental Society, at Saranac, New York.