Nair Hospital Dental College

Rapid Progress Leads Dental Education in India

In far off Bombay, there has been established a dental college of first importance in all India. Last January this institution held its Second Annual Diploma Awarding, and the rapid progress of the College activities were reviewed.

In 1932 Dr. V. M. Desai established a Dental College in connection with the Nair Hospital. As an experiment, eight advanced dental students were admitted for training.

Then according to the necessity the clinic was expanded and more dental chairs were added. The following table indicates fully the progress of the college which was so rapid:

In 1934, the college was re-organized. More chairs were added to the Clinic bringing the total to23. A separate General Anesthesia and Oral Surgery Department was opened with 9 chairs in the department. A separate well-equipped laboratory for practical dentistry was also added with a huge cost. The course of study was extended to that of three years. The first group of eight graduates came out qualifying themselves and were awarded college diplomas. The total number of students on the roll being 30 at that time.

In the year 1935, the college continued its progress and today it is a most modern and nicely-equipped dental clinic with 23 dental chairs and two well-equipped laboratories. It is the largest and most up-to-date dental clinic not only in the Presidency but in the whole of India. It affords relief approximately to seven thousand patients per year and thereby renders a valuable service to the suffering public of the city. Today there are 49 students on the roll of whom 8 are lady students, and an efficient teaching and honorary consulting staff of 24.

The problem of dental registration is a vital one in India. It is the only country without such governing laws, and the ease with which quacks can operate discourages scientific dental training. The Nair Hospital Dental College is now urging the government to take action. The College Dental Board has recently decided to extend the course of study beginning June next, from three years to four years to fulfill the requirements.

The course of study and curriculum has been based on courses prepared by the Royal College of Surgeons of England for L. D. S., Diploma, Report on Dental Curriculum and findings of the Curriculum Survey Committee of the American Association Dental Schools for D. D. S. Degree; outline of courses suggested by the Committee on Dental Education appointed by the Government of Bengal, and a proposed course of B. D. S. Degree prepared by the University of Bombay.

Foreign Institutions who have recognized the Nair Hospital Dental College:


  1. Facullte De Chirurgie dentaire Universite de Montreal.
  2. McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry.
  3. Dalhousie University, Faculty of Dentistry.


  1. Government University of Utrecht.


  1. University of Otego, Dental faculty.


  1. University of Minnesota, School of Dentistry.
  2. University of Illinois, College of Dentistry.
  3. New York State Education Department.
  4. University of Tennessee, College of Dentistry.
  5. Harvard University, Dental School.
  6. New York University, Dental School.
  7. Marquette University, Dental School.
  8. Northwestern University, Dental School.
  9. Tufts College, Dental School.
  10. University of Michigan, School of Dentistry.

A licentiate of the Nair Hospital Dental College having Inter Science (Medical Group) as a preliminary entrance to the College is eligible for admission for a higher course at a foreign Dental College.

The College does not desire to be confined to its academic activities only but it has the ambition to serve the public also by organizing a Public Dental Health Service and to expand its sphere of work. Under this new scheme it contemplates making a propaganda to afford dental treatment and preliminary dental education to school children, publishing illustrated literature in vernaculars and charts on preventive dentistry, holding classes, lectures and organizing exhibitions. It desires to do all that can be done in this sphere. The College has already received materials such as charts, booklets and literature required for this purpose and hopes to start this useful work in right earnest.