Oleomargarine asa Substitute for Butter

Natural Foods are Superior Dr. F. L. Dungan discusses

Without attempting to offer any scientific reasons for any belief, I will present my opinion from personal observation, covering a long period.

Many hundreds of children in my thirty-two years of active practice have received dental attention at my hands and I have had ample opportunity to check up on many of them from childhood to maturity.

When poorly-nourished, underweight children are presented for dental care, usually their teeth plainly show the effects of malnutrition. So I have a talk with the mothers of children better nourished but whose teeth show faulty calcification. I question them about the children’s diet, particularly regarding dairy products, and I find that a large percentage of these children are deprived of the use of butter and are given butter substitutes, especially during these earnest lean years.

I was confused that there are some vital food elements lacking in the margarines. Naturally I expect a death of the mineral salts, calcium. It may be something else, but at any rate I fell justified in preaching the value of dairy products and am sure I have seen later on, improvement in dental conditions when this advice has been followed.

Somehow chemists seem to be able to prove to their own or patron’s satisfaction, almost anything they with from laboratory tests. But I am not impressed by these analyses of findings nearly so much as I am by what takes place in the laboratory of the human body. I marvel at the skill of the chemist in duplicating the texture and taste of butter, but it brings to my mind this artificial grain of wheat which defies detection in the laboratory but fails to sprout when planted.

I have no objection to adults using butter substitutes if they choose, but I think it is unfair to deprive growing children of a much needed nutriment for the sake of saving a few cents. It is my honest opinion that there is no real substitute for butter. Whole mild is the nearest, but you cannot spread it on bread.

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