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Cod Liver Oil in Arthritis

After puncturing the joint and injecting a few c.c. of a local anesthetic, a few c.c. of cod-liver oil are injected. The injection is followed by slight pain for a few days which is, however, easily removed by antineuralgics. From the 2nd or 3rd day onward a swelling of the nature of a tumour albus gradually develops in the environment of the joint accompanied by a feeling of warmth. Slight rises of temperature occasionally occur on the 5th or 6th day and gradually abate. The local hyperemia, warmth and swelling persist of some time. By the end of 6-8 days, when the pain has subsided, active exercises should be begun and the patients be allowed to get up for a while. If no marked improvement is evident in 2-3 weeks the injection into the joint may be repeated. If several joints are affected the injection may be made into all of them at the same time or one after the other at short intervals. In 13 of the patients thus treated complete, permanent results were achieved, the joints became capable of good movement and the patients were able to work again. Unpleasant secondary effects did not occur. In three cases the treatment failed.


Don’t have anything to do with averages. Recently the Ministry of Health issued a Blue Book mentioning a mysterious malady which affected people of “an average age of forty-five.” Doctors declared that they knew nothing of such a disease –and then it was discovered that the only persons who had ever had it were a baby aged twelve months and a man of ninety . –Sir Thomas Inskip. –Journal of the Canadian Dental Association.