Nutritional Therapy Department

Birth to One Year of Age
B.S., M.S.
This month our child is born and immediately he becomes a problem child, demanding a correct and adequate diet even though he is still very small. Almost immediately after birth his diet of milk is supplemented with orange juice and cod liver oil. These furnish Vitamins C and D respectively and afford safety from scurvy and rickets.
The baby usually is fed every four hours, five times daily –at 6 and 10 A.M. and 2, 6, and 10 P.M. Following are the ages or months at which certain foods are added to supplement the milk diet.
4-6 weeks –Cod liver oil -1 tsp. daily until 6 months old and then 2 tsp. thereafter.
Orange juice – 1 tsp. at first, gradually increase to juice of ½ orange.
Some pediatricians start giving ½ tsp. Cod liver oil when infant is only a few days old and gradually increasing the amount to the above.

4 months -Cereals –fine and strained cereals, as farina, cream of wheat, rice, strained oatmeal. 1 tsp. at first –increase to 2-3 tbsp. Give 2 times daily.
6 months- Strained Vegetables – as carrots and spinach with a very little butter added. 1 tsp. at first –increase to 2-3 tbsp. Give one daily.
6-9 months of age, the child gets the 4 central incisors.
7 months- Crushed toast –twice daily.
Strained stewed fruit –as prunes, peaches, apricots, and apples. Give once daily.
Some pediatricians recommend giving egg yolk to the baby at this age while others believe in waiting until one year of age.
7-10 months of age, the child get the 4 lateral incisors.
8 months –Toast or Zwieback –something to chew to help jaw and teeth.
Strained Vegatables –add to those given above, string beans, peas, asparagus, beets, cauliflower, baked potato. Give 2 times daily –May give baked potato and a strained vegetable at one of the feedings. 10 P.M. feeding time may be dropped.
9 months –Strained fruit –Give 2 times daily. Wean.

10-12 months –Three meals daily –
7:30 A.M. Strained fruit
Cereal with cream
Hard toast
8 oz., milk
11:30 A.M 1-2 Strained vegetables
1 Baked potato
Strained fruit
4 oz. milk
3:30 P.M. Orange or tomato juice
Toast or Zwieback
5:30 P.M. Cereal with cream
1-2 Strained vegetables
Hard toast
8 oz. milk