Abstracts From Abroad

Mottled Enamel in India

                Dr. P.L. Khera, Mianwali, India, has recently reported many cases of mottled enamel among his patients. Dr. Khera states that, “in some districts in the north-frontier of the Punjah it has been observed that about fifty per cent of the population at maturity develop dark brown stains on the enamel of the labial surface of the incisors. The stains are not superficial, but pass through the entire depth of the enamel.” The water in this district is the offending factor.

Caries Study in South Africa

Dr. Joseph Lennox, in the Dental Magazine and Oral Topics (London) states that in South Africa a unique opportunity exists for the study of dental caries. Many isolated groups of natives are still living on a variety of caries-resisting diets and much could be learned from a study of their mouth conditions. Dr. Lennox points out that this work will have to be carried out in the near future because these natives are fast becoming introduced to the civilized caries-producing diets, then the opportunity will be lost forever.

Daily Practice of Medicine During the Epidemic of 1665*

“I think it not amiss to recite the Means which I used to preserve myself from the Infection, during the continual Course of my Business among the Sick.”

“as soon as I rose in the Morning early, I took the Quantity of a Nutmeg of the Anti-pestilential Electuary; then after the Dispatch of private Concerns in my Family, I ventured into a large Room, where Crowds of Citizens used to be in waiting for me; and there I commonly spent two or three Hours, as in an Hospital, examining the several Conditions and Circumstances of all who came thither; some of which had Ulcers yet uncured, and others to be advised under the first Symptoms of Seizure; all which I endeavored to dispatch, with all possible Care to their various Exigencies.”

“as soon as this Crowd could be discharged, I judged it not proper to go abroad fasting, and therefore got my breakfast: After which, till Dinnertime, I visited the Sick at their Houses; whereupon, ent’ring their Houses, I immediately had burnt some proper Thing upon Coals, and also kept in my Mouth some Lozenges all the while I was examining them. But they are in a Mistake who report that Physicians used, on such occasions, very hot Things; as Myrrh, Zedoary, Angelica, Ginger, &c. for many, deceived thereby, raided Inflammations upon their Tonsils, and greatly endangered their Lungs.

“I further took Care not to go into the Rooms of the Sick when I sweated, or were short-breathed with Walking; and kept my Mind as composed as possible, being sufficiently warned by such, who had grievously suffered by Uneasiness in that Respect. After some Hours Visiting in this Manner, I returned Home. Before Dinner, I always drank a Glass of Sack, to warm the Stomach, refresh the Spirits, and dissipate any beginning Lodgment of the Infection. I chose Meats for my Table that yielded an easie and generous Nourishment, roasted before boiled, and Pickles not suitable to the Meats, but the Nature of the Distemper; (and indeed in this melancholy Time, the City greatly abounded with Variety of all good things of that Nature) I seldom likewise rose from Dinner without drinking more Wine. After this, I had always many Persons came for Advice; and as soon as I could dispatch them, I again visited till Eight or Nine at Night, and then concluded the Evening at Home, by drinking to Cheerfulness of my old favorite Liquor, which encouraged Sleep, and an easie Breathing through the Pores all Night. But if in the Daytime I found the least Approaches at Stomach, and Faintness, I immediately had Recourse to a Glass of this Wine, which easily drove these beginning Disorders away by Transpiration.”

“Yet in the whole Course of the Infection, I found myself Ill but twice; but was soon again cleared of its Approaches by these Means, and the Help of such Antidotes as I kept always by me.”

*From Loimologia, by Nathaniel Hodges, M.D., F.R.C.P. Reprinted in St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Journal, Dec., 1935.