BREAKFAST                                                         LUNCH                                                                  DINNER

Fruits Minerals and Vitamin C. Onion soup Minerals. Mackerel or Building and
  Sugar (energy food). Macaroni cheese Energy food.      Cutlet energyfood.
Cereal and Energy food. Baked beans Building food (protein). Spinach Minerals.
Wholemeal bread Building food (protein). Tomato Minerals. Potatoes Energy food.
  Minerals Vegetable salad Vitamin A & C.   Minerals.
  Vitamin A & B. Apple Minerals. Salad Vitamin B & C.
Potato and Fish Energy food. Orange Vitamin A & C.   Vitamin C.
  Building food (protein). Nuts Building food. Fruit Vitamin C.
  Minerals.   Vitamin B.   Minerals.
Butter Energy food.        
  Vitamin A & D.        
Milk Building food        
       (good protein).        
  Energy food        
       (fat and sugar).        
  Vitamin A.        
Egg Building food        
       (good protein).        
  Energy food (yolk fat).        
  Vitamin A B D.        
Honey and Energy food.        



BREAKFAST                                                         LUNCH                                                                  DINNER

Fruit Vitamin C. Hors-d’oeuvre Vitamin C. Herrings Building food.
  Energy food.   Mineral salts.   Energy food.
Kedgeree Energy food.   Building food.   Vitamin A & D.
  Building food Stuffed Potato Energy food. Liver Building food.
       (good protein).   Building food.   Energy food.
Eggs Building food   Mineral salts.   Vitamin A.
       (good protein).   Vitamin B & C. Onions Mineral salts.
  Energy food (yolk fat). Cauliflower au Mineral salts. Artichokes  
  Vitamin A B C.      gratin Building food (Cheese). Salad Vitamin C.
  Mineral salts.   Vitamin A.   Mineral salts.
Butter Energy food. Cheese Building food Wholemeal See Lunch and
  Vitamin A & D.        (good protein).      bread      Breakfast.
Milk Building food   Mineral salts (Calcium). Potatoes  
       (good protein). Wholemeal bread See Breakfast.    
  Energy food (sugar). Butter      
  Vitamin A. Fruit      
  Mineral salts (Calcium). Milk      
Wholemeal bread Energy food.        
  Building food (protein).        
  Minerals (Phosphates).        
  Vitamin B.        
Honey Energy food,        


BREAKFAST                                                         LUNCH                                                                  DINNER

Apple Energy food (sugar). Chestnut soup Energy food. Fowl Building food
  Vitamin C.   Building food. Haddock      (good protein).
  Mineral salts.   Mineral salts.   Energy food.
Eggs Building food Fish Energy food. Sprouts Mineral salts.
       (good protein).   Building food Potatoes Energy food.
  Energy food (yolk fat).        (good protein).   Building food.
  Vitamin A B C. Vegetable Mineral salts.   Mineral salts.
  Mineral salts.      casserole Energy food.   Vitamin B & C.
Herring roe Energy food (fat). Cheese Building food Junket Building food
     on toast Vitamin D.        (good protein).        (good protein).
Watercress Vitamin C.   Mineral salts (Calcium).   Energy food (sugar).
  Mineral salts. Wholemeal bread Energy food.   Vitamin A.
Wholemeal Energy food. Crispbread Building food (protein).   Mineral salts (Calcium).
bread Building food (protein).   Minerals (Phosphates). Fruit Vitamin C.
  Minerals (Phosphates).   Vitamin B.   Energy food.
Butter Vitamin B. Butter See Breakfast. Wholemeal Energy food.
  Energy food. Milk   bread Building food (protein).
Milk Vitamin A & D. Fruit Vitamin C.   Mineral salts
  Building food   Energy food.        (Phosphates).
       (good protein).       Vitamin B.
  Energy food (sugar).     Salad Vitamin A & C.
  Vitamin A.       Mineral salts.
  Mineral salts (Calcium).        
Honey Energy food.        

These analyses of food constituents are not, of course, complete. They indicate the principal values.

From New Health (London), Jan., 1936.