Nutritive Aspects of Canned Foods

Published by the American Can Co., New York City

          “This book summarizes briefly a complete array of facts, never before assembled in one place, about tin containers, canning procedures and canned foods –for your convenient reference.”

The book is divided under the following headings –Preservation of Food, Human Dietary Requirements, Nutritional Aspects of Canned Food, Public Health Considerations, Can Manufacture and Canning Procedure.

An appendix contains the classification of foods, tables containing the mineral content of foods, and the composition of canned foods which includes the mineral and vitamin content.

Of particular interest to the lay person would be the discussion of mineral and vitamin retention during canning, the safety of leaving food in cans, the causes and results of spoilage, and the actual material used and the methods for commercial canning.

The nutritionist will be pleased to find in one place the tables for the complete composition of commercially canned foods, fruits, vegetables, marine products and dairy products.

This book is of value to everyone interested in canning information and nutritional requirements and is of special interest to those engaged in nutritional work.