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Service as chairman of the committee in charge of a survey made by the Federal government of South Dakota school children gave Dr. Carvell O. Fossum of Aberdeen an excellent chance to make observations which would shed light on his beliefs regarding causes, incidence and remedies for mottled teeth.

The work of that committee was one of many tasks Dr. Fossum has pursued outside the routine work of his practice. He has served on a number of committees of the South Dakota State Dental Society, is active in fraternal work and in public office as a member of the park board of his home city.

Dr. Fossum graduated in 1901 from The Chicago College of Dental Surgery, one of three brothers to graduate from the same institution in five years. He took up practice immediately at Aberdeen, where he has continued since.

Findings of Dr. Fossum’s Oral Hygiene Committee which supervised the South Dakota survey were that in Brown county (Aberdeen) 29 per cent of all the school children’s teeth examined showed mottling.