Arthur T. Rowe




                As we go to press we learn of a tragedy that has shocked the dental world.

An employee at the School of Dentistry, Columbia University, mentally deranged through a persecution complex, shot and killed Dr. A. T. Rowe and Dr. Paul B. Wiberg, and painfully wounded Dr. William H. Crawford, all of Columbia University.

The tragedy not only took the lives of Dr. Rowe and Dr. Wiberg, but took from dentistry two beloved and valued fellow men.

Dr. Rowe lived a quiet, understanding life. His keen perception into the deeper qualities of life and his profession made him one of dentistry’s outstanding personalities.

The few short years in which he had the opportunity to give his ability to dental education were filled with successive achievements.

In 1923 Dr. Rowe became Associate Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry at the University of Minnesota. His teaching and executive abilities were quickly recognized, and in 1927 he became Professor of Prosthetics at the School of Dental and Oral Surgery, Columbia University. After Dean Owre’s retirement, Dr. Rowe was elevated to Actin Dean of the school, a position he filled until his untimely death.

Dr. Paul B. Wiberg went to Columbia University shortly after Dr. Rowe to fill a position of Associate Professor of Dentistry in the Crown and Bridge Department.

Dr. Wiberg was reared and educated in Minnesota. He graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Dentistry in 1920, and was practicing in Duluth, Minnesota, when he left for Columbia University. He was 38 years of age.

First reports indicate that Dr. William H. Crawford was not seriously injured, and we sincerely hope that his recovery will be speedy.