Editorial Board


Nutrition and Dental Health is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. I. Newton Kugelmass and

Dr. Don Chalmers to its editorial board.




Dr. Kugelmass is a well known pediatrician, and in dental circles is famed for his work on the nutritional control of dental caries in children. he is a practicing physician, specializing in pediatrics in New York City. His interest in the prevention of dental disease in children has led him to study thoroughly the causes of dental caries. Dr. Kugelmass received his B.S., from the College of the City of New York; M.A. from Columbia University; M.D., Yale University; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, and Sc.D., Brussels University. He is director of the Hecksher Institute and is associated with six hospitals.






Dr. Lyons is a practicing dentist at Jackson, Michigan. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and received his M.S. degree from the same institution in 1932. Dr. Lyons received a Ph.D. degree in bacteriology, biochemistry, and nutrition at Michigan State College. He is a fellow of both the Mayo Foundation at the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic at Rochester. He is a staff member of three hospitals in Jackson, Mich., and instructor at one. Dr. Lyons lectures at the University of Michigan public health extension division. He is an author of fiction and has written more than 500 scientific articles.