Just 100 Years Ago

There was not a public library in the United States.

  •  Almost all furniture was imported from England.
  •  An old copper mine in Connecticut was used as a prison.
  •  There was only one hat factory and it made cocked hats.
  •  Every gentleman wore a queue and powdered his hair.
  •  Crockery plates were objected to because they dulled the knives.
  •  Virginia contained a fifth of the whole population of the country.
  •  A man who jeered at the preacher or criticized a sermon was fined.
  •  Two stagecoaches bore all the travel between New York and Boston.
  •  A day laborer considered himself well paid with two shillings a day.
  •  The whipping post and pillory were still standing in Boston and New York.
  •  Buttons were scarce and expensive, and the trousers were fastened with pegs or lace.
  •  Leather breeches, a checked shirt, a red flannel jacket and a cocked hat formed the dress of the real artisan.
  •  Beef, pork, salt fish, potatoes and hominy were the staple diet all the year around.

Quoted in National Glass Budget.